80,000 VND was both delicious and good quality, everyone ate a full stomach

With meals with many attractive dishes like this, you will definitely make the whole family excited.

Suggestions for this afternoon meal will include:

- Fried carp

- Stir-fried chicken heart with string beans

- Peanut melon soup

- Roasted peanuts with salt


2-3 pieces of carp (washed 600g) washed, drained. It is fine to cook the fat and then fry the goldfish.


80,000 dong was brought to life by the king, chat with everyone who was safe - 1



Chicken heart clean. North boil some salt water and a few slices of ginger in, prune the chicken and then rinse to eliminate odors. Green beans cut just to taste, carrots trimmed flowers to make the dish more beautiful.

Fry oil with red onion to fragrant, stir fry chicken, season with a little seasoning, then add beans and carrots. When the beans are cooked, taste and taste again. Turn off the heat and set it on a plate.

80,000 dong was brought to life by a good king, and everyone was satisfied with it - 3


Peeled, washed, sliced. Peanuts clean and put into a small blender. Add the peanuts to the pot to add water, remove the peanut shell on the pot. Boil water for melon to taste just eaten and then turn off the heat.

80,000 dong was sold by the king, the king was chatting, everyone was safe and sound - 4


Peanuts washed, drained. Add peanuts and cooking oil into the pan. Turn on the heat, keep the heat low to medium, stirring with a chopstick. After 4-5 minutes, peanuts begin to have a crackling sound or until peanuts are cooked, turn off the stove, shake the pan for a while, then pour the peanuts out to sieve to remove the oil.

To peanuts out the bowl, add just enough soup powder, stirring well to mix the soup. For peanuts to cool, enjoy with white rice. Especially roasted salted peanuts served with pickled sauerkraut.

80,000 dong was brought to life by a good king, and everyone was satisfied with it - 5


- Fried carp: 50,000 VND

- Stir-fried chicken heart with string beans: VND 15,000

- Peanut melon soup: 10,000 VND

- Roasted peanuts with salt: 5,000đ

Total: 80,000 VND