In the afternoon, many delicious dishes and husband and wife competed to plunge one bowl of rice after another

Sometimes changing the way of cooking also makes the meal more delicious and more attractive.

Suggestions for this afternoon meal will include:

- Roasted crocodile shrimp

- Sour bamboo shoots soup

- Stir-fried chicken heart with squash, bean sprouts

- Fried tofu


Crocodile (the amount depends on the family's sour taste) scrape the skin, soak the water from bruising, scallions picked and washed. Shrimp cut beard, head and rinse. Crocodile slices or circle as you like, scallions cut about 1.5cm. Add shrimp, crocodile, a little seasoning to the pot, stir well for cooked shrimp, add a little oil. Add the amount of sugar to taste with shrimp and stir. When shrimp is cooked, add onions, stir well and turn off the heat.


Have a lot of delicious kids eat each other until every one comeback - 1



Fish cleaned, removed gills, cut to taste. Onion, spit washed, finely chopped. Peel and cut pineapple eyes. Cut a small piece of pineapple, into a blender, add enough water to taste and puree, sift through a sieve to remove residue, only take the pineapple juice. Pan the pan on the stove, add a little oil and fry briefly over the fish heads. Put the pineapple juice in a pot, bring to the boil. After boiling water, put the fish head into the pot, seasoning seasoning and simmer for 10 minutes. Pickled bamboo shoots with a little water before putting them in the fish soup, let the high heat boil and then turn down, continue boiling for about 10 minutes. Finally, the seasoning seasoning again, add onions, coriander and then turn off the heat. 

Have a lot of delicious kids eat each other out of the box - 3


Chicken gizzard washed, squeezed salt thoroughly and then washed several times with clean water. Cut into pieces, marinate with 1 teaspoon seasoning and 1 bit of pepper for about 15 minutes. Melon peel, intestines, washed, sliced ​​thin. Bean sprouts to dry. Put the pan on the stove, add 1 tbsp of cooking oil, finely chopped shallots, and then sauté the chicken gizzards, remove them on a separate plate. Continue to stir fried squash. When the squash is cooked, add the bean sprouts and stir-fry, seasoning again to taste. Quickly stir bean sprouts and squash and then remove the ripe gizzard, then add the scallions, stir the scallions and turn off the heat. When eating out the dish, sprinkle pepper on the aroma if desired.

Have a lot of delicious kids eat each other until they get beat - 4


Tofu washed, drained and sliced ​​into bite-sized pieces. Heat the oil and then put the beans in to fry them.

Have a lot of delicious kids eat each other until every one comeback - 5


- Roasted crocodile shrimp: 50,000 VND

- Sour bamboo shoots soup: VND 50,000

- Stir-fried chicken heart with winter melon, bean sprouts: VND 15,000

- Fried beans: VND 8,000

Total: 123,000đ