Squeezing the beef, the simple way the housewife still makes meat soft and sweet

Beef is a red meat with many nutrients, a source of ingredients for many excellent dishes. However, with its own characteristics, beef requires housewives to have skillful processing. Preliminary 1 minute miscarriage, soft as silk suddenly became tough.

So how to make fried stir-fry always sweet, soft, not dry and chewy?

There is an extremely simple way that many people often overlook. Typically, housewives only marinate beef with a little ginger and spices, then put in a pan and season to taste. This method of invisible invisibility makes you disperse, not focusing on cooking time but engrossed in making the food to your mouth.


shake your hand, do not forget to tell me when I still feel familiar with you - King 1


Now, let's reverse the process a bit. Beef after buying, wash, remove all tendon and cut into fiber. Marinate beef with garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, spices to taste. Instead of stirring with a chopstick, wear gloves and squeeze evenly to allow the meat to absorb the marinated and softer flavor.

shake hands bop thit bo

shake hands bop thit bo

Then, when you cook, you just need to wait for the oil to boil and add the beef to stir on high heat, no need to worry about adding a little salt or mixed with sugar, tasting it many times without accidentally causing the beef to be over fire, prone to chewy. Squeezing, gradually marinating the meat will also help it retain the softness needed.

Try this method the next time you stir fry the beef, you will see a surprising effect!