15 virtual bridges in Vietnam that must not be missed by tourist followers (Part 1)

1. Cau Vang - Da Nang

As an extremely prominent name on the tourist map of Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general in 2018-2019, Golden Bridge is an indispensable destination in the list of the 15 hottest virtual living bridges in Vietnam. . This famous bridge is located on the campus of Sun World Ba Na Hills entertainment area in An Son hamlet, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city.

Golden Bridge - a symbol of tourism of Da Nang city.Golden Bridge - a symbol of tourism of Da Nang city. Photo: @ travels.fashion

With a unique design, viewed from above Cau Vang is like a soft silk strip lying on a giant hand reaching out from a cliff. Thanks to the novel design and the incredible height of up to 1400m above sea level, the Golden Bridge has been ranked in the top 10 of the most unique architectural bridges worldwide.
The bridge with a unique architectureThe bridge with a unique architecture. Photo: @chouyu

It can be said that since its inception, the Golden Bridge has become a tourist symbol of Da Nang city that visitors cannot help but visit. Standing on this bridge, you will be able to feel the clouds flying right on the top of the head, along with the view of the mountains, the beautiful sea of ​​the city worth living.
The Golden Bridge is famous all over the worldThe Golden Bridge is famous all over the world. Photo: @nlifami

2. Bridge of Love - Da Nang

Not less than the famous Golden Bridge, when it comes to Da Nang, no one does not know about the romantic Love Bridge in the middle of the Han River. Love Bridge is designed as a winding road between romantic Han River. The two sides of the bridge are striking red heart lights. Whether you come here during the day or at night, this lyrical scene will make you flutter.

Pray for love in the heart of the Han RiverPray for love in the heart of the Han River. Photo: @ peeter.z

True to the name Bridge of Love, this place is very popular with couples when coming to a city worth living. Not only the red heart-shaped lamp design, the two sides of the bridge are also a place for couples to hang locks with their names engraved to keep their love forever.
Ideal dating place of couplesIdeal dating place of couples. Photo: @linhtuyet

3. Dragon Bridge - Da Nang

Dubbed the city of the bridges, Danang alone has 3 of the most famous virtual bridges that the tourist can not miss. Dragon Bridge is one of the most prominent architecture in the center of Da Nang city and this is also considered a symbol of the city.

The symbol of the city worth living - Dragon BridgeThe symbol of the city worth living - Dragon Bridge. Photo: @wanderingwithkelly

The bridge is designed to resemble a Golden Dragon reaching out to the sea. On the dragon body is also invested with a terrible lighting system with 15,000 led bulbs to serve for the night light. If the Dragon Bridge day is bright yellow, then at night, when the lights are turned on, the dragon's color becomes very diverse with prominent colors such as yellow, red, blue.
The majestic dragon's figure reached out to the sea.The majestic dragon's figure reached out to the sea. Photo: @thuyb

Besides the unique design architecture, Dragon Bridge also features fire and rain spraying every Saturday and Sunday nights. Therefore, when visiting Da Nang, visit Dragon Bridge on Saturday or Sunday night to enjoy the special moments of this bridge.
Panoramic view of the Dragon BridgePanoramic view of the Dragon Bridge. Photo: @nhimsngo

4. Long Bien Bridge - Hanoi

As a bridge bearing the history of the Capital, Long Bien Bridge - an indispensable name in the most beautiful virtual bridges in Vietnam. Long Bien Bridge was built in the year 1902, so this place has experienced many ups and downs and witnessed important historical events.

The old beauty of Long Bien bridgeThe old beauty of Long Bien bridge. Photo: @linh_kangg

Long Bien Bridge carries in itself the beauty of time and cannot be confused with any bridge in Vietnam. This place is suitable for taking photos of vintage style. Also for that reason, Ha Thanh young people love this million-check-in place.
Ideal check-in place for young people in Ha Thanh.Ideal check-in place for young people in Ha Thanh. Photo: @linh_kangg

5. Koi Bridge - Ha Long

Located in the precinct of Sun World HaLong Complex, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Koi Bridge is a name that once made young people in the North stand restless.

Koi Bridge - Ha LongKoi Bridge - Ha Long. Photo: @ 251994

The Koi Bridge is designed based on the main idea that the shape of a Koi fish consists of 2 floors crossed. The entire bridge is covered in a brilliant red. The color red symbolizes the image of the sun, which is meant to bring about auspiciousness. The bridge bears an imprint of ancient Japanese style, both luxurious and sophisticated. Besides, standing on this bridge, visitors will admire the whole scene of Sun World HaLong Complex.
The bridge is designed based on the shape of Koi fishThe bridge is designed based on the shape of Koi fish. Photo: @ _mai.q

6. The Wilder-nest white wooden bridge - Da Lat

Not a bridge across the river nor in the entertainment area, this white wooden bridge is an outstanding design part of a homestay called The Wilder-nest in Dalat.

White wooden bridge is located in the middle of lush, wild grass fields, the surrounding space is filled with nature's greenness. The design of the bridge is quite simple, just wooden staircase winding, connecting one another. Especially, the stairs of the bridge are getting higher and higher because of the characteristic sloping terrain.

White wooden bridge between pristine grasslandsWhite wooden bridge between pristine grasslands. Photo: @itsminhhoang

The Wilder-nest white wooden bridge is an extremely famous check-in location in the foggy city. The tourists from far away are looking for this bridge to bring about virtual live photo shoots that are not inferior to the dreamy Korean movies.
Romantic space with natural reedsRomantic space with natural reeds. Photo: @sancrazier

7. Secret Garden wooden bridge - Da Lat

As a backdrop of the Secret Garden film studio 13km from the center of Dalat city, the wooden bridge in the middle of the forest is hunted by many tourist followers thanks to a few photos appearing on social networks. Not only impressed by the unique design, the wooden bridge at Secret Garden also attracts visitors by the extremely virtual living background.

Wooden bridge in the forest at Secret Garden.Wooden bridge in the forest at Secret Garden. Photo: @ typ.ho

The bridge is designed entirely of wood from steps to piers. Unlike conventional horizontal bridges, wooden bridges are built from low to high. The lowest steps are near the ground, gradually the steps will get higher and higher so visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the famous Secret Garden.
Other contexts on setOther contexts on set. Photo: @ toki.tran
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This wooden bridge is placed in the middle of the forest, so the surrounding is covered with a variety of trees. The atmosphere here is very fresh, the nature is lush and there are birds singing. Truly a great stop for travelers to check-in live virtual.

8. Bridge of Da Lat View - Da Lat

Although it is a land located on a mountain town, Da Lat possesses many unique and unique virtual life bridges . Da Lat View Red Bridge is also one of the bridges that attracts many tourists to visit and explore. This red bridge is located in the campus of Dalat View tourist area, just less than 15 minutes from the city center.

The red bridge spans thousands of pine forestsThe red bridge spans thousands of pine forests. Photo: @ tranminhquan9189

The most unique feature of the red bridge is the design spanning vast pine forests. Looking down from above, you will see the bright red on the green background of the natural pine forest. Not only that, standing on the red bridge, visitors will be able to capture the whole scenery of Da Lat mountains and forests in sight. Thanks to the ideal height and location on the pine forest, the view from the red bridge is not covered by any obstructions. Therefore, the view from the bridge will be very complete and beautiful.
Check-in place is popular with tourists.Check-in place is popular with tourists. Photo: @ tuan.lla