7 super spicy but 'super tasty' dishes around the world, would you dare to try?

n cuisine, spicy is one of the important flavors that adds a great appeal to dishes. Undeniably, the more spicy the food, the more delicious, makes you can not stop eating even though you feel like your mouth is about to burn. 

1. Vindaloo Lamb (India)

Vindaloo Lamb is known to be India 's oldest curry In addition to spices like curry powder, mustard, garlic, dried chilies ... chefs marinate ingredients and vinegar to increase the spicy.

Super spicy food
Vindaloo Lamb - Indian Photo: Quora

Looking at the color of the dish, you probably guess how spicy it is. Therefore, this dish is only for the courageous diners because people who enjoy can cry because of the "tearing" tongue.

2. Sichuan Hot Pot (China)

Say no more, most tourists coming to China are eager to try the famous dish that has become the specialty of this country, which is Sichuan hotpot.

Super spicy food
Sichuan Hot Pot - China. Photo: Tagar

Sichuan spicy hot pot was born in the early 20th century, when poor workers could not afford meat. Finally, they use the cheap leftover pork, cooked in very spicy hot pot to drown out the taste of the meat. The dish is now not only for the gradual but also upgraded with many ingredients, catering to a large number of classes and becoming famous in the world. Sichuan is also one of the four provinces famous for spicy dishes in China.

This dish is loved by its delicious taste and good for health. In addition to bones and natural flavors, Sichuan hotpot broth is indispensable - the most spicy spice in the region. When eating, diners use thinly sliced ​​meat, mushrooms, fresh vegetables to dip.

3. Jerk Chicken (Caribbean)

Jerk Chicken is a grilled chicken with a Jamaican marinade sauce, which has a balance of temperature, sweetness and salinity and becomes one of the Caribbean specialties . 

Super spicy food
Jerk Chicken - Caribbean. Photo: Pinterest

This delicacy uses a variety of spices like Scotch bonnet, Nutmeg and Pimentos (chili peppers). Chicken is usually marinated with spices and then grilled to add flavor. The delicious ingredients combined with the heat of spicy spices make the aroma stronger but still do not make the chicken too dry. When cooked to the right level, it will give birth to Jerk chicken - a popular dish that you should simply try once.

4. Phaal Curry (India)

Phaal Curry is known as the world's most spicy curry with 10 different types of chilies cleverly prepared to create a special dish "despite tearing the tongue" but still deliciously sobbing in India .

Super spicy food
Phaal Curry - India. Photo: Pinterest

During the cooking process, the cook uses Bhut Jolakia - the type of chili that has been recorded on the Guinness record list for its spicyness. The restaurant serving this dish offers customers a certificate if they can finish a bowl of Phaal Curry.

5. Papa a la Huancaina (Peru)

With its eye-catching and attractive appearance,   Papa a la Huancaina is one of the spicy potato dishes that are favored by many Peruvians and visitors. 

Super spicy food
Papa a la Huancaina - Peru. Photo: Twitter

This dish consists of the basic ingredients of potatoes with cheese sauce, accompanied by boiled eggs and black olives. It sounds simple and has a pretty "tricky" decoration, but you will feel the heat because the dish has an important ingredient is yellow chili, a famous peppers of Peru.

6. Wot (Ethiopia)

The curry in this African country has the main ingredients are meats depending on the season and the taste of the guest. To prepare Wot , cooks often use onion, garlic, ginger and Berbare powder - a mixture of dry chili with a pungent flavor.

Super spicy food
Wot - Ethiopia. Photo: Pinterest

Wot is often served with inerja, a popular bread in Ethiopia. You can enjoy the taste of grilled onions and butter, along with the spicy characteristic of this dish.

7. Otak-Otak

Otak-Otak is a super spicy street food, but it is loved by many and ranked as a must-try list when I go to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore . 

Super spicy food
Otak-Otak Photo: IDN Times

The cake is made from minced fish, then mixed with some of the region's most spicy spices such as chili, ginger, shallots ... The mixture is wrapped in banana leaves and then baked or steamed. People often use rice cakes with white rice to balance the spicy.