Why do you keep frying the potatoes stuck to the pan, it turns out to have forgotten this simple step

Turns out, just forgetting and mistaking at one step makes the fried potatoes just stick to the pan to darken.

Potatoes are a type of tubers that many people choose to cook into many delicious and attractive dishes such as frying, frying, cooking soup, stew, soups, stir-fries. In particular, sauteed potatoes is one of the quite popular dishes. However, many women wonder why they usually fry the pan and fry when they fry the potatoes while they are not at the restaurant.

As the chef explained, potatoes are a starchy food, and starchy ingredients are easy to stick to the pot. During the cooking process, women forgot a simple yet important step that led to the above situation. Here are specific ways to help potatoes improve the breakdown and close to the pan, even dark brown when fried: 

First, bought potatoes and peeled, washed and sliced ​​to fry. After cutting, rinse again and then soak the potatoes in water for a while to ensure all the starch is only released on the cross section of the potatoes. So when fried, potatoes will not be part of this starch softening, loss of brittle.

Moreover, the starch in the potato that is released before cooking reduces the contact between the potato starch and the air, causing the potato to no longer darken.


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In addition to paying attention to the starch on the surface of potatoes, the amount of oil to stir-fry is also important. Some people think that sautéed potatoes is a dish that does not need much oil, but that is why when cooked, they are easy to stick pan. Because the oil is too little, the surface of each potato cannot be covered with oil, so the potato wire comes into direct contact with the pot, and is easy to stick to the pot under the stimulation of high temperatures. Therefore, when frying potatoes, a little more oil is needed.

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Many people believe that vinegar can prevent potatoes from sticking to the pan, but is not. Because if a lot of potato vinegar will be sour, but a small amount of this vinegar will quickly evaporate when added to the pot, so it will not help in preventing the sticks.

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Some people think that finely sliced ​​potatoes are easy to stick to the pan, if thicker will be okay, but the thickness or thinness of the potato is not directly related to the pan. In short, the main reason why fries stick to the pan is that you have ignored the step of soaking and washing the potatoes after cutting and the amount of cooking oil is too small, please note!